3 Reasons Why You Need a Car Knife

TAC-Force blade in my emergency medical kit. Photo Credit: Kammi Dingman

Why should you keep a knife in your car? There are 3 main reasons that immediately come to mind. Rescue, survival, and self-defense. My Father inspired me to always keep an emergency knife in my car. There are really cost efficient knives with a seatbelt cutter and window breaker built in. I like to keep mine in my glovebox or middle compartments of my vehicles. You can even velcro it for secure storage. Some knives even have small flashlights and fire starters incorporated into their design! A tactical type knife can be considered a car knife. A GearHungry article on the 10 Best Tactical Knives in 2019 written by Jordan Carter lists the top rated tactical blades.
TAC-Force produce extremely affordable knives with lots of potential. Right now it’s $7.40 for the cheapest all-in-one TAC-Force knife (knife, seatbelt cutter, and glass breaker). You’d be paying that much money for the seatbelt cutter and glass breaker as a combo tool by itself. At least you get a knife with a serrated edge when you buy the EMT type knife. A car knife doesn’t need to be expensive, but if you want something better quality, you can invest in something like the Kershaw Barricade or Blur, or a Leatherman Signal, depending on your needs. The Leatherman Signal has an emergency whistle along with a knife, saw blade, sharpener, hammer, and screw driver heads. Read more about multi-tools and their extreme utility on my previous blog post.

TAC-Force Knife on Amazon (Approximately $7.40)

MTECH Knife on Amazon (Approximately $8.99)

Kershaw Barricade (Approximately $23.19)

Kershaw Blur (Approximately $69.10)

Leatherman Signal (Approximately $95.95)


A seatbelt cutter can come to your aid just in case your seatbelt mechanism isn’t working. Seat belts can malfunction and cause entrapment during accidents or other emergencies. If someone is trapped and their door won’t open, the window breaker can be used to create an escape route. These tactics don’t just apply to cars but to other scenarios as well if someone is trapped in a room with glass windows or tied up.


Call me the paranoid preparer, but I always bring extra water, food, clothes, blankets, and a medical kit when I go on road trips. The idea of being stuck somewhere without supplies is not appealing to me. You can build a fire, shelter, and prepare food thanks to your emergency car knife. Always remember, a sharp and clean knife is a happy knife. Don’t forget to keep a small portable sharpening tool in your camping survival pack, medical kit, or bug out bag.


If your vehicle is non-functional, escaping danger via your car is no longer a viable option. I always keep a car knife in addition to my everyday carry (EDC) knife. We don’t expect to be in bad situations, nor can we anticipate what will happen on a road trip or in the spur of the moment as we are travelling to our next errand. A car knife could be the tool that helps you get away from or subdue an attacker. I really like tasers for this purpose.

Thank you for reading this post. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think about keeping a knife in your car and what other purposes it may serve for you.



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Kammi Dingman

In addition to pursuing my cellular and molecular biology research and medical professional careers, I am a knife artistry dealer. My husband and I started Big John Blades in 2018 with a mission in mind: Everyone needs a sophisticated cutting edge. I think that everyone deserves the best quality knives; I’m here to deliver the education and product. I’m a believer that quality and price are highly correlated. As a custom knife collector with a scientific mind, I continually research the market and invest in high quality knife-making materials. I'm here to listen to the customers expectations and help them create their custom knife. Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast, survivalist, hunter, adventurer, camper, hiker, or connoisseur, an exceptional knife is an asset to any collection. Retail stores can't offer the unique artistry and quality a custom blade will. Custom knives hold their value and in certain instances, increase in value over the years. They are distinguished pieces of art passed down through the generations.

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