EDC Knife Hunting Experience

Recently, I went shopping for a new EDC (every day carry) knife, so I thought I’d share what criteria I used and the thought process that I had during my selection experience. Before purchasing a knife, I perused the internet to do online research on various brands and models that met the standard features I was looking for. I used BladeHQ as a major source, which offered a lot of unboxing videos along with commentary on the features of the blades. They sell blades through their website so they provide a lot of detailed specs and information concerning each product!

First of all, I wanted a light, but sizable EDC folding knife with an assisted opening mechanism for fast deployment. The liner lock feature is also something I have always been super comfortable with since childhood. A stonewash finish was also a requirement, as they are easier to maintain and look better aesthetically over a long period of time. I prefer to have an EDC with me at all times for so many reasons (utility, hunting, survival, etc.) After all, you never know when and how a knife could save your life.

After I picked out some appealing candidates and went out to Scheels sporting goods store to physically try them out. I personally like to window shop, feel, and try before I buy. After examination of a few Kershaw, Benchmade, CRKT, and Gerber knives, I found a Zero Tolerance to be particularly exceptional. I had heard of the brand before and knew that it had a good reputation. I also utilized EDC Ninja Zero Tolerance Knife Reviews to my advantage. Now, I was going to make an informed decision.

Zero Tolerance 0770CF offered a SpeedSafe assisted opening flipper, liner lock, carbon fiber handle, CPM S35VN stonewash finish, and reversible deep-carry pocket clip. With an overall weight of 3 oz., it’s size of 7.5 in. in length looks very deceiving. It’s also made in the USA! I purchased it, took it home, made a paracord retention lanyard for it, and we have been inseparable ever since.

The carbon fiber handle made this knife robust, and yet light enough for me to pack as an EDC. The drop point blade is made from durable and edge-retaining CPM S35VN powdered steel. CPM indicates that the steel is made via Crucible Industries. Metallurgy details aside, the S35VN blade is essentially a premium wear and corrosion resistant stainless steel. Zero Tolerance Knives (established in 2006) is a brand made by Kai USA, which also makes cutlery globally via brands Kershaw, Shun, and Kai Housewares. In addition to EDC knives, they also make cooking knives, tactical pens, and other house ware oriented items.

Thank you for reading this blog post and I invite you to subscribe and comment! I’d like to learn more about what EDCs you like.


Zero Tolerance 0770CF. Photo Credit: Kammi Dingman

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Kammi Dingman

In addition to pursuing my cellular and molecular biology research and medical professional careers, I am a knife artistry dealer. My husband and I started Big John Blades in 2018 with a mission in mind: Everyone needs a sophisticated cutting edge. I think that everyone deserves the best quality knives; I’m here to deliver the education and product. I’m a believer that quality and price are highly correlated. As a custom knife collector with a scientific mind, I continually research the market and invest in high quality knife-making materials. I'm here to listen to the customers expectations and help them create their custom knife. Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast, survivalist, hunter, adventurer, camper, hiker, or connoisseur, an exceptional knife is an asset to any collection. Retail stores can't offer the unique artistry and quality a custom blade will. Custom knives hold their value and in certain instances, increase in value over the years. They are distinguished pieces of art passed down through the generations.

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